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5 Things to Keep You from Being Kicked Out of a Brisbane Strip Club

You are set to visit a Brisbane strip club, and you are now feeling electrified. You have just turned 18 years old, and it is going to be your first time.  

There are dozens of reasons men visit adult clubs. It could be because of a stag party to bid your friend goodbye from bachelorhood. It could also be as simple as a taking a downtime from a hard day’s work. Whatever your reason may be, remember that you should always go with your best behaviour.

Below would be the best things that you should do to avoid being ejected from your seat and thrown out of the nightclub. Keep these in mind, and surely you will stay out of trouble.


A single mistake, such as bumping into someone, could end up badly. Especially in a testosterone-fuelled environment like an adult club, fist fights and rowdy behaviour are expected. However, you must, at all times, avoid getting involved in any. Not only would you be kicked out if ever you get into a fight, but you could also end up spending jail time for a night.


When you go to a Brisbane strip club, make sure that you bring a decent amount of money with you. Yes, you could be spending around $40 to $60 for tipping. A dollar for a stripper is enough though. Just be generous, and you will be fine.


Sure enough, there are nightclubs that require you to buy drinks every 30 minutes or so. This may sound outrageous, but you must never run out of turps. Otherwise, they will ask you to leave.


You will be surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women. However, you are not permitted to touch any of them. Some adult clubs take their no-contact policy very seriously. So, as much as possible, keep your hands away from a stripper’s bosoms.


Do not act like a brute around the women too. This includes taking pictures during the strip show and asking for their personal details. Moreover, never offer money in exchange for sex. Strippers are adult entertainers and not prostitutes. So, if you are thinking that you will be getting lucky tonight, think again.

So, these are the 5 things that you should do to avoid being kicked out of a Brisbane strip club. None of these are hard to remember. Just keep in mind that if you misbehave, you will be asked–or forced—to leave.

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Caught in One of These Tricky Brisbane Strip Clubs Scenarios? Handle it Like a Pro

As much as most people would want to be smooth operators when visiting Brisbane strip clubs, there will be times when you get stuck in tricky situations when in these establishments. Most of the times, it’s the first-timers who get caught in such scenarios. But even the frequent patron could bump into one of these problems sometimes.

Here are some common head scratchers you could encounter in strip clubs and tips to handle these situations like a pro.

Scenario #1 – A stripper is offering to give you a lap dance and he or she is not your type or you don’t have the money.

If it’s because the dancer doesn’t fit your preferred type, then just politely refuse. If it’s because you can’t afford it, then be honest. You can say something like, “I would love to have a dance from you but I don’t have the money.”

You may think that this will make you look like a loser but it will actually help you save face. Wouldn’t it be worse if you agree to the lap dance then regret it later because you didn’t enjoy it? Or end up getting kicked out because you can’t pay?

Besides, strippers will appreciate it more if you tell them you’re not interested or can’t afford it rather than wasting their time with your made-up excuses. This way, they can move on to the next customer who might be able to pay for their services. Remember that dancers in Brisbane strip clubs are only asking if you want a lap dance so they can bring home more earnings, so they won’t make it personal if you refuse and you shouldn’t too.

Scenario #2 – You ran out of smaller bills.

Just head on to the bartender or cashier and request to have your bigger bills changed. Most if not all clubs allow this so their customers can conveniently have the cash to go on tipping and having a good time. If you’re not sure if the establishment you’re in does this, just ask the staff.

Scenario #3 – You drank more than you thought you actually did.

If you feel like your alcohol levels are beyond the legal limit, don’t pretend you’re fine and proceed to drive home. Sleep it off in the back seat if you’re parked in a safe enough area. Or get a cab or Uber or call a friend. Just make the responsible choice.

Scenario #4 – You bump into someone you know.

It can be less awkward for some if they unexpectedly meet someone they know while participating in a stag do or hens nights at Brisbane strip clubs. It’s just easier to explain that you had to go for the groom or bride.

If you’re visiting solo, then you can just act cool and smile and wave or quickly dash out of there and hope they didn’t spot you. It really depends on how open you’re willing to be about your adult adventures.

In case the person you know is a staff member and you just found out they worked there, avoid looking so surprised or shocked and just say hi instead. If they aren’t judging you for going to a strip club then why should you judge them for working in one?

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Finding the Best Strip Club in Brisbane

Whilst everything closes at 5 o’clock in the afternoon in Brisbane, the fun is just starting at some parts of the city, what with it being home to different hangout places, from outdoor and rooftop bars to the fancy entertainment and dance pubs.

But if you are looking for a higher level of excitement, you need to visit some of the best and most luxurious strip clubs Brisbane City has. These fantastic places are coming to life from dusk until dawn.

Whether you go out to enjoy the night or go with your mate to celebrate a bucks night out, you will never be disappointed to enter Brisbane’s leading strip clubs.

The 4 Hottest Strip Clubs in Brisbane City

If you are new to the metropolis, it would be better that you check beforehand some of the customers’ feedback about the four best strip clubs in Brisbane to make sure that you will get what your money can afford. Below are the four best strip clubs (in random order) patrons love to visit in Brisbane.

  • The Grosvenor Topless Bar & Strip Club

The Grosvenor prides itself as the place of live sports, hot girls, and cold beer, a place where you can see topless waitresses and barmaids from the time it opens until it closes. Aside from this, you can also hold your bucks party in one of its manly-designed private rooms and function area.

They offer a wide selection of their menu which includes topless babes, bucks night packages, function packages, hens night packages, and cocktails and mixes. What’s cool about this place is that you can be yourself and wear anything you like.

  • Eye Candy

One of the best strip clubs Brisbane City has to offer is the Eye Candy Adult Bar. Imagine yourself in a room full of hot babes in their skimpiest bikinis, that’s what Eye Candy boasts about. They got the best and sexiest girls ready to strip off to make your fantasies come alive. There’s more!

Those hot chicks you mingle throughout the night can give you lap dances which start at $10. Isn’t that amazing? Your money is sure to go a long way in this strip club.

  • B Confidential

As the name implies, this place isn’t only a strip club but also a great place to relax since it is located in a secluded area near the central business district. Aside from being a strip club, it is also a restaurant that offers sumptuous meals. It has great amenities, gorgeous women, free entrance, dine option with topless chicks, and exciting entertainment packages.

  • Candy Club

This club is considered one of the hottest strip clubs in the city. It prides itself as a four-level club entity with the hottest bikini dancers. It is also one of the best places to hold bucks and hens parties since it has fully loaded party packages, cocktail mixes, buck shows, whiskey tasting, and food platters. There’s more! You can also enjoy the night with a bunch of sexy table and lap dancers in VIP booths.
So, the next time you want to take a break and chill out with your mates, visit one the best strip clubs Brisbane City has in store for you.

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Buck’s Night Preparation: A Quick Guide for the Best Man

Most married men have amazing memories of the bucks night Brisbane has afforded him. Whether it involved extreme sports or was at one of the CBD’s strip clubs, surely every groom has an interesting tale to tell. If you are the best man, however, it could be a different story since you’ll typically be busy with the preparation and planning. Moreover, you have the responsibility to make sure that everything will go smoothly.

If that scares you, don’t let it. You were chosen to be the best man for a good reason. Your mate trusts you and believes you are the best person to plan an awesome bucks party. Besides, you have the groomsmen and this guide to help you.


Usually, this will include the groomsmen and a few other friends, co-workers, and family members. You can consult with the groom to make sure you don’t miss anyone. Once you have the list, now is the time to send out the invitations. By the way, you should do this way ahead of the set date so you can make adjustments if needed.


There are so many choices when you are deciding on bucks night Brisbane venues and activities. You have blokes skydiving and even playing live strategic games such as paintball and laser tag. There are hot adult clubs providing plenty of exciting entertainment. These and more are just some of the best things you can do during a stag do. When you want a fun and unforgettable event, make sure that it is far from the usual. Try to be creative and add a personal touch, like incorporating a favorite hobby of the groom into your activities.


If you have a hard time coming up with a wild party concept, you can gather the groomsmen for suggestions. Ask the soon-to-be-husband what he also prefers. Once you’ve gathered ideas, decide which ones are most favourable for the majority to enjoy. After that, you can start planning more specific details.


One big decision you have to make during the planning phase is choosing a date and a venue for the bucks party. Ensure that you prioritise a location that offers privacy or exclusivity. This way you don’t have to deal with strange looks from onlookers when you’re playing a naughty game and you get to really enjoy the private strip show all to yourselves.


To finalise all the preparations, you have to make sure that everyone invited is available on the chosen date. As much as possible, make scheduled updates several weeks before the actual date. By doing this, you will have enough time to make necessary adjustments to the plan.

The finest bucks night Brisbane has ever seen will never happen without months of preparation. It is even suggested to start planning at least 3 months before the said event. When you have that ample time to organise the event, it is guaranteed that you will meet the desired objective.

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Top 3 Bachelor Party Fails That You Want to Avoid

Your mate’s bucks party is fast approaching and, perhaps, the preparation is starting to get overwhelming. Don’t let it get to your head and end up missing what you’re supposed to get done. A plan can easily fall when some big mishaps enter the picture. You would want to avoid these, wouldn’t you?

There are plenty of potholes that you can encounter during the planning stage. From cancellations to last-minute changes, anything and everything can go sour all at once. Create a foolproof plan with some handy tips and tricks from these fails that you want to dodge.

Booking at the Last Minute

Reservations should be done ahead and not a day or two before, especially when thinking about big places. Don’t forget that you’re not the only group who’s thinking of having a party in the same venue. If you know someone, you can try and pull some strings to make things happen. However, it doesn’t always go your way. So, make sure that you have everything booked and set at least a week before the event and don’t forget to confirm these reservations a day before.

Forgetting to Invite Someone

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not inviting someone important to the celebrant. The bucks party for your mate shouldn’t just centre on your circle of friends. Reach out to his siblings and even his cousins. Make sure you review the guest list so you don’t forget anyone. It will be an unforgivable mistake to miss a person on such a special night. After all, loved ones and colleagues would want to see him transcend from one chapter of his life to another.

Going Overboard with the Plans

It’s understandable why you want an elaborate plan for the groom’s bachelor party but you also have to think if your ideas are sensible. You don’t want something so drastic that would result in something undesirable. There are already many stories of stag parties gone wrong for you to learn from. You don’t need to experience it firsthand to get the gist of it. If unsure, consult someone else regarding your plans and see if they agree with you.

A man’s bucks party is an important part of his transition to becoming a married man. It is your responsibility to make it as memorable as it can be. Remember the top three fails listed above and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Take note of the tips and have a smoother time planning this big event. Happy organising!