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Caught in One of These Tricky Brisbane Strip Clubs Scenarios? Handle it Like a Pro

As much as most people would want to be smooth operators when visiting Brisbane strip clubs, there will be times when you get stuck in tricky situations when in these establishments. Most of the times, it’s the first-timers who get caught in such scenarios. But even the frequent patron could bump into one of these problems sometimes.

Here are some common head scratchers you could encounter in strip clubs and tips to handle these situations like a pro.

Scenario #1 – A stripper is offering to give you a lap dance and he or she is not your type or you don’t have the money.

If it’s because the dancer doesn’t fit your preferred type, then just politely refuse. If it’s because you can’t afford it, then be honest. You can say something like, “I would love to have a dance from you but I don’t have the money.”

You may think that this will make you look like a loser but it will actually help you save face. Wouldn’t it be worse if you agree to the lap dance then regret it later because you didn’t enjoy it? Or end up getting kicked out because you can’t pay?

Besides, strippers will appreciate it more if you tell them you’re not interested or can’t afford it rather than wasting their time with your made-up excuses. This way, they can move on to the next customer who might be able to pay for their services. Remember that dancers in Brisbane strip clubs are only asking if you want a lap dance so they can bring home more earnings, so they won’t make it personal if you refuse and you shouldn’t too.

Scenario #2 – You ran out of smaller bills.

Just head on to the bartender or cashier and request to have your bigger bills changed. Most if not all clubs allow this so their customers can conveniently have the cash to go on tipping and having a good time. If you’re not sure if the establishment you’re in does this, just ask the staff.

Scenario #3 – You drank more than you thought you actually did.

If you feel like your alcohol levels are beyond the legal limit, don’t pretend you’re fine and proceed to drive home. Sleep it off in the back seat if you’re parked in a safe enough area. Or get a cab or Uber or call a friend. Just make the responsible choice.

Scenario #4 – You bump into someone you know.

It can be less awkward for some if they unexpectedly meet someone they know while participating in a stag do or hens nights at Brisbane strip clubs. It’s just easier to explain that you had to go for the groom or bride.

If you’re visiting solo, then you can just act cool and smile and wave or quickly dash out of there and hope they didn’t spot you. It really depends on how open you’re willing to be about your adult adventures.

In case the person you know is a staff member and you just found out they worked there, avoid looking so surprised or shocked and just say hi instead. If they aren’t judging you for going to a strip club then why should you judge them for working in one?